Electronic Repairs and Sales


Do you repair or replace cracked screens?

No. A faulty screen is probably the worst that can happen to your TV. Note that a screen can also be faulty without any visible damage.

Faulty screens cannot be repaired. The Panel / Screen needs to be replaced.

Screens are specific to the make and model. It’s not interchangeable and generally not available. Chances for a second hand screen are extremely slim as most sets being scrapped is because of faulty panel/screen.

What to do with a TV with a faulty screen.

1. If you have household content insurance we can assist with a damage report. (Note that the old set then becomes their property)

2. You could dump the set as is, but note that e-waste can only be dumped at e-waste collection points.

3. You can bring the set to us and we will make you an offer. 

Keep in mind: just like screens differ for each set, so do the other spares. We must also still strip the sets and dispose of the bulk afterwards via proper channels. The majority of what we keep can only be used for that specific model. 

Remotes are sometimes worth more than the TV, so don't expect too much as this is a gamble for us and a lot of times a total loss. If we are looking for set like yours we might offer more.