Electronic Repairs and Sales


How much will it cost to repair my TV?

We don't pretend to know exactly what is wrong with your set without opening it.

We also can't expect a blank cheque from you for the repair to be done.

A prepaid evaluation fee is paid and a cut-off point is agreed on.

The evaluation fee will be deducted from the repair cost.

If the unit is not repaired, for whatever reason, the evaluation fee is not refundable.

Why a cut-off point and evaluation fee?

Based on the initial cut-off point when unit is brought in, you can determine if it is worth it for you.

We must basically start working on your set to a certain point before knowing for sure what the repair will cost. In the process the set could be totally repaired within the cut-off and the repair is finalized. However, sometimes during this process, if we find that cost will exceed cut-off, we will stop and first contact you to discuss the next step.

If a quotation is given and accepted, repair is completed and the evaluation fee is deducted from the total.

If a quotation is given and not accepted the paid evaluation fee is kept by us to compensate for time and cost spent assessing the set.

If we cannot reliably repair you set we will not do the repair or give you a quote as we don’t want to do a repair we cannot guarantee.