Electronic Repairs and Sales


Is it worth it to repair my TV?

There is no simple answer and each person has different needs.

"We don't quote if we think your set is not worth repairing reliably."

Factors to consider:

- Are if you consider upgrading? Keep in mind that even if you update to a Smart TV, it might need software upgrading again in the foreseeable future. Today plug-ins are available to make any TV “Smart” at a much lower cost.

- If you consider selling your old set you will get much more for a good working set than a faulty one. We might even be interested to buy it from you.

- Your financial situation is obviously an important factor

If you consider buying a new TV but can’t afford it at this stage, rather wait and save. 

The interest you'll pay on buying a new one could very well exceed the cost of repairing your old one. See also question: how long do we keep your set once repaired.